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Top 10 Cebu Bloggers and Influencers Based on

The top 10 Cebu bloggers and influencers ranked by are based on how the bloggers, influencers, and content creators performed in their respective communities. It does not merely depend on the number of social media followers. You can find bloggers and influencers in Cebu who outranked the ones with bigger platforms.

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1. Kryz Uy

Kryz Uy has been leading for a long time among the top 10 Cebu bloggers and influencers. She was the real-life partner of the celebrity and Pinoy Big Brother winner Slater Young. Kryz focuses on lifestyle, beauty, parenting, and personal blogging. Together with her husband, they’re also hosting one of the top podcasting platforms in the Philippines: Skypodcast.

2. Che Goes On

Cheryl Ferrolino was born and raised in Cebu. Her online name Che Goes On focuses on travel, personal, fashion, and lifestyle blogging. She started poetry blogging in 2010 before shifting to lifestyle blogging in 2012. Cheryl won the Best Cebu Personal Blog of 2023 from the Best Cebu Blogs Awards.

3. Eva Aguspina

Eva Aguspina is a full-time fashion designer, occasional blogger, and aspiring digital artist. She makes clothes and gowns for a living and owns a boutique in Cebu City.

4. Lloyd Chua

Lloyd Chua is a lifestyle and fashion blogger. Lloyd is a long-time member of the Cebu Bloggers Society, the premier blogging organization in the Queen City of the South. He also blogs about food, travel, and technology.

5. C. D. de Guzman

Originally from Manila, Christelle Denise de Guzman is currently a published writer, blogger, and influencer based in Cebu. She goes with an online name Frustrated Girl Writer.

6. JP Abecilla – The Millennial Writer

JP Abecilla – The Millennial Writer is a Filipino influencer and Cebu blogger. He writes about blogging, influencer marketing, career, business, motivation, politics, and religion. As a blogger in the Philippines, he is affiliated with the Cebu Bloggers Society and Vidanes Artist Management.

7. The Girl with the Muji Hat

The platform focuses on fitness, health and wellness, lifestyle, travel, and girl stuff. Erica Jahn, the person behind The Girl with the Muji Hat, was from Manila and currently lives in Cebu.

8. Bonne Appetit

Bonne Appetit is a lifestyle blogger focusing on food and mobile gaming. He is also a member of the Cebu Bloggers Society. As a content creator, Bonne also loves pop music and podcasting. He was also the Grand Winner of ABS-CBN Cagayan De Oro’s 1st Newscasting Competition in 2014.

9. Hershey Kisses

Xerxes Bernadez already passed away a couple of years ago. But since he is still part of the top 10 Cebu bloggers and influencers according to, I still want to feature the contributions he left to the community. I had also known Hershey Kisses through the Cebu Bloggers Society where he was one of the founding members. Aside from blogging, he was also a florist, a podcaster, and an Admin of multiple Facebook pages.

10. Shell Wanders

Should I repeat it? Yes, Shell Wanders is also a member of the Cebu Bloggers Society. The fact of the matter is that she’s my batch. We joined the organization at the same time and year. Aside from lifestyle blogging, Shell is now focusing on video gaming and crypto content creation.

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Cebu is the home of the top digital and content creators in the Philippines. The above-mentioned top 10 Cebu bloggers and influencers are only based on a single platform. Depending on what your business requires, you can connect to as many bloggers and influencers that suit you.

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JP Abecilla

JP Abecilla - The Millennial Writer is a Filipino influencer and award-winning blogger in the Philippines based in Cebu City, Cebu. JP blogs about writing, blogging, motivation, career, politics, and religion. He is a recipient of Best Cebu Events Blog of 2019 and Blog of the Year (2nd Place) in 2020 by Globe Telecom. More than being a writer, blogger, and influencer, JP loves coffee, books, and donuts.


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