About JP

JP Abecilla – The Millennial Writer is a Filipino influencer, political commentator, and award-winning blogger in the Philippines based in Cebu City. JP blogs about writing, blogging, motivation, career, politics, and religion. Aside from personal blogging, he collaborates with businesses, personalities, politicians, and co-influencers. He is a recipient of Best Cebu Events Blog of 2019 and Blog of the Year (2nd Place) in 2020 by Globe Telecom.

As a Cebu-based blogger, JP is a member of the Cebu Bloggers Society, the premier blogging organization in Visayas and Mindanao. As one of the top Filipino influencers, he is connected with Vidanes Artist Management, a reputable agency for celebrities, performers, and influencers in the Philippines.

jp abecilla, a filipino influencer, looking at the camera

Millennial Writer and Filipino Influencer

In the Philippines, many people tend to think that a blogger and influencer only engages in photography and video blogging (vlogging). As a result, travel and fashion blogging are popular in the country. JP wants to prove that blogging is not only for travelers, photographers, or celebrities. For this reason, he chose to call himself The Millennial Writer to emphasize his interest in helping and influencing people through writing. Thus, his website combines professional, lifestyle, and personal blogging. It separates JP from other influencers and top bloggers in the Philippines.

As a content writer and copy editor, he advocates plain English online, sharpens digital marketing skills, creates relevant content for users, and discovers a unique voice in the sea of digital information.

Millennials and Filipino Influencers

Depending on your source, millennials (a.k.a. Generation Y or Net Generation) could be from the early 1980s until the late 1990s. However, the 1980-2000 timeline is more sensible if we believe millennials are a generation born, nurtured, and grew up before the turn of the new millennium. They are the last species of the 20th century. And today, many Filipino influencers and bloggers are millennials from all walks of life.

As a millennial born in the late 1980s, JP identifies himself with people who grew up in an age when new technologies were rising and changing our world. This generation is perceived to have a different upbringing affecting the workplace, culture, and society. The Net Generation is taking the stage in every aspect of the digital era including politics, blogging, influencer marketing, and more. They are the successors of the baby boomers and Generation X. They are the guides of Generation Z, especially in understanding our current age of automation and virtual reality.

Millennial Writers and Influencers

Millennial writers and influencers seem to be supra-intellectual geeks. You don’t need to worry, though; they are still humans. They are no gods or goddesses. They don’t come from the other dimension of our universe. Some critics are even calling them broke, serious, and over-sensitive. They can be both a headache and an asset to a company or society. Choose to be their friend, and everything will be fine.

As a millennial writer, Filipino influencer, and Cebu blogger, JP aims to maximize online platforms. He looks forward to influencing and empowering all generations⁠—not just the millennials. He wants to inspire and motivate others to rise above their current situation and compete only with themselves and not with others. More than being a writer, blogger, and influencer, JP loves coffee, books, and donuts.

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