USJR Won the Red Bull Half Court Cebu Qualifier, Heading to the National Final with EVSU Ormoc and DGFAM

Last weekend, the basketball courts of Girlstown Talisay, Cebu, witnessed a showdown as the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJR) emerged victorious in the Red Bull Half Court Cebu Qualifier for men’s division and the Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) Ormoc for the women’s division. 

Before USJR won the Red Bull Half Court Cebu Qualifier, they had a thrilling game with the Daily Grind Family (DGFAM) from Lapu-Lapu City. The two teams showcased prowess in playing basketball before USJR broke the 15-point tie with two more scores. Together with EVSU Ormoc, USJR and DGFAM will be competing in the National Finals in Manila this April.

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The Global Red Bull Half Court Series

Red Bull Half Court

The Red Bull Half Court Cebu Qualifier is part of the global Red Bull Half Court series. It’s a unique basketball tournament that combines street basketball style with a 3×3 format. The event we witnessed at The Sisters of Mary – Girlstown last Saturday proves that the event truly attracts skilled players from various schools and communities. It provides a platform for young enthusiasts to showcase their talent and passion for the game.

USJR’s victory reflects not only the team’s athletic abilities but also their dedication to honing their skills and working seamlessly as a unit. The intense atmosphere at Girlstown Talisay witnessed breathtaking dunks, precision three-pointers, and strategic defensive plays from USJR that left spectators in awe.

The Women Champions at the Red Bull Half Court 

The competition was fierce, not only for men players but also for the women participants. Each team gave their all on the court, demonstrating skill, agility, and passion for the game. Amidst the intense battles, the players of the Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) Ormoc stood out among women players.

“Securing our second consecutive victory in the women’s division basketball tournament here in Cebu underscores the undeniable power of teamwork. Our back-to-back wins highlight the cohesion and synergy within our team, proving that together, we are unstoppable on the court,” expressed by EVSU Ormoc, the back-to-back champion for Red Bull Half Court Cebu Qualifiers Women’s Division.

Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) Ormoc at Red Bull Half Court Cebu Qualifiers
Photo: Svyn Saenz

USJR Won the Red Bull Half Court Cebu Qualifier

USJR won the Red Bull Half Court Cebu Qualifier for the men’s division, but they expressed their surprise at their victory. They did not anticipate overcoming the competition from numerous athletes in Cebu. As mentioned above, they had a good fight with DGFAM. (I’ll be sharing a video with you soon to show a glimpse of their game.)

“We never expected to triumph over the sixty-plus dedicated and hard-working teams competing in the Regional qualifiers,” the USJR players stated. They continued by saying, “Our victory serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and hard work, and we extend our encouragement to all basketball enthusiasts in Cebu to join us in the Red Bull Half Court competition, reminding them never to lose hope and to keep striving for success on the court.”

University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJR) and Daily Grind Family (DGFAM)
Photo: Svyn Saenz

The Path Leads to the National Finals!

With their triumph in Cebu, USJR and EVSU Ormoc, together with the men’s runner-up team, Daily Grind Family (DGFAM), now advance to the National Final. They will go head to head against other teams from Davao and Manila qualifiers, alongside wildcard teams, many consisting of professional players, to elevate the intensity of the competition. 

The stakes are high as they compete for a coveted spot in the Red Bull Half Court World Final, set to take place in the basketball mecca of New York City.

Daily Grind Family (DGFAM) jumpshot at Red Bull Half Court Cebu Qualifier
Photo: Svyn Saenz

“By coming up with this type of event, we’re giving Cebuanos the opportunity to try other basketball games. Witnessing the overwhelming turnout and enthusiasm at the Cebu Qualifiers fills me with immense joy. It’s truly heartening to see numerous athletes and teams not only participating but also expressing keen interest in 3-by-3,” stated the tournament Director, Coach Eric Altamirano.

As USJR, EVSU Ormoc, and DGFAM prepare to take on the national stage, they carry the hopes and support of Cebu’s basketball community. Stay tuned for the next leg of Red Bull Half Court Philippines in Davao this April 6 and Manila this April 13. 

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