Mission & Vision

Filipino Influencers Mission and Vision - JP Abecilla

Mission and Vision Statement

On the business and marketing side, the vision of JP Abecilla – The Millennial Writer is to be the voice of brands online as one of the rising Filipino influencers. As a content creator—particularly a writer, blogger, and influencer, JP Abecilla will help businesses and personalities reach more followers, supporters, or potential customers. In addition to boosting awareness, JP will use his influence to make brands, groups, and individuals more influential. As bold and frank as he is, JP will also speak up on behalf of a brand or personality. Beyond helping business owners, JP will empower other stakeholders, such as employees, buyers, investors, partners, customers, and vendors.

The Millennial Writer envisions a digital world where everyone dares to speak without being afraid of cancel culture, bullying, harassment, and character assassination. To make that happen, someone must have the courage to fight against cancel culture, fake news, trolling, bullying, lies, and other malicious entities online.

Among all the Filipino influencers, the mission of The Millennial Writer is to reach out to as many netizens as possible, influence social media users, speak up for others, and empower individuals.

JP Abecilla – The Millennial Writer will RISE above the digital age by Reaching, Influencing, Speaking, and Empowering businesses, groups, and individuals. As one of the top bloggers in the Philippines, JP exists to be Your Voice Online.

For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. You can also follow JP Abecilla – The Millennial Writer on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.