The Open Line Media Forum: How MyTV Cebu Becomes a Top Source of Cebu News

As a Cebu-based blogger and influencer, I find it necessary to be always up-to-date with the current events in the Queen City of the South. This is why I’m so grateful to be a regular attendee of the Open Line Media Forum every Tuesday morning. It’s a unique and engaging platform that sparks discussions, brings together local voices, and offers a dynamic exchange of ideas.
MyTV Cebu Open Line Media Forum

MyTV Cebu just celebrated the first anniversary of the Open Line Media Forum last June. I attended the session for the first time on June 21, 2022, the second news forum they have after they started a week before that Tuesday came. I was invited to the forum by Ma’am Emma Villarente, an active co-blogger of Queen Cebu. Because of my hunger to learn more about local news, I become a regular attendee since that time.

The media forum is hosted by Ms. Patricia Andrea “Andi” Pateña-Matheu, a multi-awarded journalist and former TV5 Correspondent, and Sir Erik Miguel Espina, a former Cebu City Councilor and the youngest son of former Senator and Cebu Governor Rene Espina.

I find the Open Line Media Forum of MyTV Cebu a good source of local news with valuable space for conversations that matter. It’s a haven where individuals from various walks of life converge to share perspectives, voice opinions, and delve into pressing issues that shape the community. Despite the low to zero engagement I get every time I go live on Facebook during the forum, I still want you to take a closer look at this innovative forum, its significance, and the impact it has on fostering dialogue and awareness in Cebu.

A Platform for Dynamic Exchange

The Open Line Media Forum is a testament to MyTV Cebu’s commitment to providing a platform where voices can be heard and ideas can flourish. It’s “where all lines are open,” in the words of Ms. Andi. Indeed, it’s an interactive forum that offers a space for open conversations on a wide array of topics, from current events and social issues to culture, arts, religion, politics, and community development. Its accessibility and inclusivity invite not only media practitioners but also individuals from different walks of life to participate in the discussions. I am even a regular participant despite not being a part of big-time media companies.

Creating Awareness and Fostering Understanding

At the heart of the Open Line Media Forum is the aspiration to create awareness and promote understanding. This is on top of the fact that leading Cebu (and national) media organizations are joining the sessions. By facilitating dialogues that address both local and national concerns, the forum empowers participants to be well-informed citizens and advocates for positive change. Through well-moderated discussions, the forum encourages critical thinking, the exchange of diverse viewpoints, and the exploration of solutions to challenges that Cebu faces.

A Showcase of Local Expertise

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Open Line Media Forum, which I witness being a Cebu-based content creator myself, is its ability to highlight local expertise. Inviting guest speakers, experts, government officials, and community leaders to share insights and knowledge on specific subjects enriches the discussions. Whether it’s an expert’s take on sustainable living, an artist’s perspective on cultural preservation, or an exorcist’s insights on viral demon possessions at Simala Shrine, the forum brings to light the depth of talent and expertise within Cebu’s community. It is also where I have known Ginoong Pilipinas, organized by Cebu fashion designer Dexter Z. Alazas.

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Building Bridges and Strengthening Connections

Beyond its primary goal of discussing pressing matters, the Open Line Media Forum also acts as a bridge that connects people with shared interests and concerns. Attendees often find common ground, network, and collaborate on initiatives that contribute to the betterment of Cebu. A good example is the connection we are building between JP Abecilla – The Millennial Writer, one of the top Cebu bloggers and influencers, and the organizers of Ginoong Pilipinas, especially with Sir Dexter who is managing Ginoong Larz Kent Dawson of Cebu City and Mister Universe Tourism Erik Lennart Visser. Indeed, MyTV Cebu builds a sense of community that strengthens the bonds among participants and fosters a spirit of unity in working towards shared goals.

In the evolving landscape of media and community engagement, the Open Line Media Forum of MyTV Cebu shines as a beacon of meaningful discourse and interaction. By providing a space for open conversations, promoting awareness, showcasing local expertise, and building bridges, this forum plays an essential role in empowering Cebu’s residents to be informed, engaged, and active participants in shaping the future of their community. That also includes my Facebook followers who are mostly coming from Manila City (first), Cebu City (second), and Quezon City (third). As it continues to grow and evolve, the Open Line Media Forum stands as a testament to the power of dialogue in fostering positive change aside from being a top source of Cebu news.

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