6 Types of Bloggers You Need to Work With

Bloggers in the Philippines are fast growing like a mushroom. They are among the top content creators in the country aside from Instagram influencers, YouTubers, TikTokers, and the like. If you’re looking for a blogger you need to work with, you have to be well-informed before picking the right one.
6 Types of Bloggers in the Philippines

I identified six (6) types of bloggers who can ensure the quality of content you need for your business. At least three combinations of the six types are necessary to reach a desirable result. Nonetheless, looking for a blogger in the Philippines bearing all the six characteristics or skills I elaborate on below should be your top priority.

Experienced Bloggers

Nowadays, blogging is not only a habit, like writing a daily journal and saving it online. This is especially true if you use blogging as a marketing tool for your business. You would want to work with a blogger who doesn’t only know about what he or she is doing but is also experienced in the industry.

If you are serious about your business, you would choose a blogger with at least three years of experience. Whether it’s a personal blogging experience or an employed blogging background, picking the one who has been around for a considerable time is ideal. However, we have five more types to discuss below that a one-year-old blogger might have. Also, you must know that a blogger with three to five years (or beyond) experience requires better pay or a reasonable talent fee.

Writer Bloggers

Not all writers are bloggers, but all bloggers MUST be writers of some sort. Needlessly to say, blogging is about writing. Hence, a blogger must have a sense of good writing.

Once again, let me correct some misused terms here. Many Filipinos think that a blogger is someone doing video content on YouTube. What they are talking about is actually a YouTuber or a vlogger, not a blogger. A vlogger is someone creating video content, not only on YouTube but also on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. On the other hand, a blogger is someone writing an article on a website. Mini blogs or short blogs on Facebook can be also considered blogs; thus, someone writing them could also be a blogger of some sort.

An experienced blogger with a good sense of writing can be an indispensable partner you would want to look forward to. You simply need to check out the portfolio of your prospect. It is for the purpose of gauging the writing skills of the person you want to hire, depending on what level of expertise you need.

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Influencer Bloggers

We’re talking about a special kind of content creator here. You have to know that influence cannot be measured by experience and writing skills. Hence, you can’t use the qualifications above for these types of bloggers. Influencers are identified based on the number of social media followers.

Influencers are today’s new advertisers. Instead of paying thousands, if not millions, of pesos to a famous actor or actress, brands are now collaborating with influencers to gain customers. Working with an influencer blogger is an advantage if you’re seeking a big audience for your brand.

Combined with the qualifications above and the ones we’re going to tackle below, influencers can be categorized as nano influencers (below 10K followers), micro-influencers (10K to 50K followers), mid-tier influencers (50K to 500K followers), macro-influencers (500K to 1M followers), and mega influencers (1M and beyond). You can pick the kind of influencer you want depending on your budget. Also, remember that we’re talking about a blogger here, not just someone with good looks and a big following.

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Thought Leaders

Influencers are easier to find than thought leaders. If your business has established thought leadership in the industry, you might as well need to connect with bloggers who are well-versed in a particular subject.

For instance, if you’re into travel, choose travel bloggers who don’t just know where and when to travel but are also knowledgeable about the tourism industry. It is also better to collaborate with a blogger who has a background in technological education or technology-related work experience if you’re into gadgets. Surely, thought leaders are experienced bloggers with skills in writing.

Technical Experts

Writing a blog is not as simple as posting a 280-character tweet on Twitter or a 50-word caption on a Facebook page. The types of bloggers in the Philippines you need to work with must have basic computer skills, coding prowess (especially for HTML), SEO (search engine optimization) execution, CMS (content management system) familiarity, and more.

Aside from having a user-friendly blog site, you might also want the blog article to rank on Google (be found on the first page of Google). In addition to having a good choice of photos, you would also want that the text, images, or even videos are presented in an organized manner. Bloggers who can manage technical matters can do the job smoothly without your supervision or even without you knowing it.

Marketing Specialists

As I mentioned above, influencers are today’s advertisers. If you can’t find (or pay) an influencer, you can look for a blogger who is knowledgeable enough about the market.

Blogging is a type of digital marketing in general and content marketing in particular. Like influencer marketing, content marketing requires a deeper understanding of your brand, tone and voice, target audience, and even the conversion funnel. A blogger with brand and marketing expertise can work on words like advertisers and journalists with you and your audience in mind.

All these types of bloggers in the Philippines are applicable to any niche we haven’t mentioned, such as political blogging, fashion blogging, food blogging, and anything you could find in the blogosphere. Aside from gaining more customers and retaining existing ones through blogging, building a good relationship with bloggers is also a desirable practice in whatever industry you are in.

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