Bringing Hope and Change: eLink Sales Ops Outreach at The Sisters of Mary Girlstown

In a world that often seems consumed by technological advancements and business pursuits, it is heartening to witness companies stepping up to make a real difference in the lives of those less fortunate. One such shining example is eLink Systems & Concepts Corp., a company that has shown a remarkable commitment to giving back to the community through its recent outreach program at the Sisters of Mary Girlstown.
eLink Sales Ops Outreach at The Sisters of Mary Girlstown

Sisters of Mary Girlstown is a haven for disadvantaged girls, providing them with not just education but also a nurturing environment to grow, learn, and aspire beyond their circumstances. Recognizing the transformative impact of education and support, eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. embarked on a mission to uplift these young lives through our Sales Operations.

eLink Sales Ops Outreach Programs

I witnessed the outreach program of eLink for the first-time last year in Brgy. Hipodromo, Cebu City. I didn’t expect that the Sales Department has always been doing the same philanthropic work. And this time, it’s at the Sisters of Mary Girlstown in Talisay City, Cebu.

Through these charitable initiatives, eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. has shown that corporate social responsibility isn’t just a buzzword but a genuine commitment to creating positive change. The company’s efforts extend beyond monetary donations; they have actively engaged their employees to volunteer, mentor, and inspire these girls. This hands-on approach has fostered a sense of connection and empathy, demonstrating that the company truly cares about the well-being of the community it operates in.

Bringing Hope at The Sisters of Mary Girlstown

Ms. Arlin “TL Arl” Español dela Cruz, Associate Manager of Sales at eLink, was a graduate of Girlstown. She became the channel for the blessings given to the young girls in a school she had been to before. Her success is a living testament to how the same students could be as thriving, if not more successful, as she is right now.

The impact of this partnership between eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. and Sisters of Mary Girlstown goes beyond the immediate results. By investing in these girls’ education and well-being, the company is sowing the seeds of empowerment that will ripple through generations. These girls, once without much hope, now have access to a brighter future filled with possibilities.

In an age where people often highlight the negative aspects of the corporate world, eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. stands as a beacon of hope. Their philanthropic endeavors remind us all that businesses can be a force for good, bringing about change in even the most challenging circumstances. As we applaud the efforts of eLink Systems & Concepts Corp., let us also be inspired to seek out ways in which we too can make a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

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