eLinkiat 3.0 Sportsfest: A Company Celebration of Unity, Happiness, Strength

Once again, the people of eLink never forget the importance of coming together as a team and fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie through a sports festival. As the company celebrates another milestone in business process outsourcing (BPO), the eLinkiat 3.0 Sportsfest becomes a channel of demonstrating kahiusa (unity), kalipay (happiness), and kusog (strength).
eLinkiat 3.0 Sportsfest, Company Celebration at eLink

eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. has been at the forefront of cutting-edge business support and digital marketing solutions for years, but the company celebration and success aren’t just measured in revenue and clients. It’s about the vibrant community they’ve built, the talented individuals they’ve nurtured, and the unwavering commitment to their core values. The eLinkiat 3.0 Sportsfest at Sacred Heart – Hijas de Jesus Covered Court is a testament to these values.

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A Celebration of Unity, Happiness, Strength

The theme of the company celebration, “Unity, Happiness, Strength,” which is the same as last year, embodies the spirit of eLink. It’s about unity among employees and partners, as they come together to participate in various sports and recreational activities. It’s about happiness, the joy of working together, and the satisfaction of achieving common goals. And it’s about strength, not just physical prowess on the sports field, but the strength of character, determination, and resilience that has driven eLink’s success.

Passion for Work, Passion for Employees

After the mass, MBAS started the long-day program with a message about passion and compassion. She talked about being passionate towards self, family, co-workers, habits, work, and life. This passion, according to her, needs to be nurtured, and we need to give everything to what we love. Aside from being eager towards work, however, she never failed to share how the company is also passionate towards the employees.

Win with Integrity, Win with Respect

Ms. Caitlyn followed the message of passion with a reminder about integrity, which is one of the core values of eLink. “A win without integrity,” she forewarned, “is not a win at all.” This is applicable to all the features of the sportsfest, from traditional sports, like basketball, volleyball, and palarong Pinoy (Filipino games). Each unique game is like a challenge that will test not only the participants’ creativity and teamwork but also the integrity and moral standards they live by. “We respect the people around us,” Ms. Caitlyn noted, “and we respect our team. Because of that, we want to win with integrity.” She wants everyone to apply that not only in work but also in life.

Showing Respect and Consideration

Before going to the highlight of the sportsfest, which is basketball, CBC discussed respect further. “If you have self-respect and self-discipline,” shared CBC, “you have a real power.” CBC prompted the employees of eLink to respect the results of the games. After all, the sportsfest is not just about winning; it’s about the camaraderie and shared experiences that will strengthen the bonds within the eLink family.

Unity, Communication, Good Output

ABC went on to talk about working together, communicating, and giving good output. He compared bad output to bad food. Similar to the effect of bad food on the body, a bad output at work could also affect the entire company’s performance. Beyond the sportsfest and providing good output at work, eLinkiat has also the opportunity to give back to the community last month. The company, through the Sales Operation, conducted charity drives and initiatives to support the students of The Sisters of Mary Girlstown in Talisay, emphasizing their commitment to making a positive impact beyond the business world.

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Happiness and Strength in Winning

With so many expectations during their performances, Lea Mae Magpuyo of Blue Mezzies won the crown of this year’s Ms. eLinkiat, and Mark Glenn Francisco passed the Mr. eLinkiat crown to Robert “Rob” Lambeth of Red Ferrarees. Before the most-awaited big announcement, the winner for the Power Dance Competition was awarded to Red Ferrarees followed by Mezzies. Without a doubt, Purple McLaren and Green Aston have also given the best performance they can in all the games. They also won parlor games, such as Tug of War and Catch the Tail. At the end of the day, the triumphant team that won the overall champion of this year’s eLinkiat was Red Ferrarees, followed by Blue Mezzies.

We want to extend our thanks to the staff of Sacred Heart – Hijas de Jesus who assisted us at the Covered Court and to Pink Alpine (a combined team of HR, TA, and Finance) for facilitating the event.

As the company celebration of eLink Systems & Concepts Corp.’s anniversary comes to a finale, the preparation of employees for the eLinkiat 3.0 Sportsfest also comes to an end with triumph. Indeed, it’s a celebration of unity, happiness, and strength – a reminder that success is not just about reaching the destination, but about enjoying the journey together. Here’s to eLink’s continued growth, innovation, and the enduring spirit of unity that propels them forward.

To join our team, don’t hesitate to send your resume to careers@elink.com.ph or visit our office on the 9th floor of Chinabank Corporate Center, Samar Loop Street, Cebu Business Park. Looking forward to seeing you on our fold!

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