Creating a Ripple of Change


Most of us, if not all of us, are crying out for change. We know, however, that not all changes are good. We also know that change starts with us and will depend on what kind of change we want to happen. Nonetheless, no change will happen if we don’t start even a small ripple of change.

You can start becoming a game-changer wherever you are in your social status with the following suggestions:


Be a leader in the field or industry you are in. You don’t need to be in a high position to do that. You just need to learn more and be knowledgeable about your skills so you can be better and influence others to do the same. Leadership is not power, not even a position. It’s a personality, a character, and a willingness to take action. You can be a leader by developing the leader within you.


The best definition of leadership I’ve learned is the single word INFLUENCE. You can make an influence if you talk to people and hang out with them. Of course, the individuals you’ll go with should also have the same positive aspirations as you have. What I mean by socializing is finding common interests, passions, and causes in your circle of friends, colleagues, or followers. 


By socializing with people, you’ll learn what they need. With that, you can start to make a move to extend your help with them using the abilities that you have. By collaborating with the people who have the same heart to serve, you will begin to see actions, changes, and transformations.

Social media, whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, have been a strong platform for many changes. Disregarding the negative effects of fake news and other disheartening disadvantages, we can still counter the negative online culture by reconditioning the mindset of the people towards a better change. Let’s start by creating a ripple of change.

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JP Abecilla

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