eLink Outrageous Met Gala Extravaganza at Mezzo Hotel

Dignified. Exuberant. Celebratory. eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. ends 2022 and starts 2023 with a Met Gala kickoff party at Mezzo Hotel. The company celebrates many of its victories this year and looks forward to achieving more next year. Notably, shareholders didn’t fail to recognize the efforts of the employees.

Tagged as eL’ Aura, eLink’s Met Gala has glittered with fashion, but it goes beyond a show of creative costumes. As a corporate company, eLink recognized and awarded loyal and performing employees as well. The owners also discussed the CONCISE core values of the firm, which stands for Courtesy, Ownership, Nurture, Collaboration, Integrity, Seamlessness, and Excellence.

Corporate and Fashion

Met Gala events advocate fashion as an art and art as fashion. Whether they’re aware of this fact or not, eLink employees have tried to be artistic and wear their best dress. With the essence of eL’ Aura in mind, several attendees demonstrate a better aura. The fact of the matter is that some have worn drag queen apparel.

Adopted in the corporate world, fashion could translate into wearing the best formal attire. After all, eLink employees are required to wear corporate clothes every Monday. Dressing up beyond the normal Monday suits becomes a challenge for some but common to many.

Awards and Recognition

The company recognizes loyal employees who have been with eLink since it started six years ago and even to the ones who stayed up to one year ago. Plaques of recognition are also given to top-performing sales agents, such as the Sales Rising Star Award, Sales Star of Excellence Award, Sales Star Catcher Award, Sales Crystal Star Award, and Sales Superstar Award. Needless to say, top performers are the big contributors to the triumphs the company has been enjoying.

Recognizing efforts poured out at work is a highly motivating factor for employees. Aside from aiming to have high commissions, sales representatives are more than happy to receive recognition of excellence. Seeing one’s worth can energize someone to do more and do the job the best possible way.

Surprises and Presentation

One of the highlights of the Met Gala is the group presentations from different departments. From singing and dancing to runway and musical showdown, eLink employees give their best to win Php 5,000.00 for the 2nd prize, Php 7,000.00 for the 1st prize, and Php 11,000.00 for the Grand Winner.

Moreover, raffles have been drawn for the participants who registered between 5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Luckily about thirty people received kitchen wares and appliances for the minor draws. Before the event ended, stars of the night or head turners were chosen for the Best Dress for Female, Male, and Drag Queen.

If you want to experience the amiable culture of eLink Systems & Concepts Corp., the company is now currently looking for Content Writers, Brand and Marketing Generalists, and more. Feel free to send your updated resume to junreygallardo@elink.com.ph or visit the office on the 9th floor of Chinabank Corporate Center, Samar Loop Street, Cebu Business Park.

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