From a Sales Representative to a Tier 1 Elite: Be the Next Kim Basit!

Achieving success is not just about skills and experience. It’s a combination of both—plus attitude. Kim Rodd Basit has the three characteristics that enable him to rise the ladder, from being a Sales Representative to being a Tier 1 Elite. If you start your sales career today, you might be the next Kim Basit soon!

Kim is currently a Publishing and Marketing Consultant at eLink Systems and Concepts Corp. He is also a Tier 1 Elite and a Developmental Coach. Due to the growing number of agents on the floor, eLink is now looking for another Dev Coach who’ll be guiding the new representatives as they move up the ladder in the publishing and marketing industry. Of course, a Dev Coach must be a Tier 1 Elite who is already a sales specialist with wit, humor, and amicable nature.

A Start in Sales

Like all successful people, especially the ones in their not-so-young years, Kim takes no shortcuts on his way to achieving a higher spot in sales. Before entering BPO, our featured personality has been a Stock Man of SM Department Store. He started the thrilling journey on the steep road of sales in 2014. I said ‘steep’ because not regularly reaching a quota or predetermined performance could mean losing the possibility of going up the ladder. Nonetheless, I also said ‘thrilling’ because despite the hardship, getting a favorable number of sales could mean getting five to six figures of commissions and other perks. And yes, you can also go up from Tier 3 to Tier 1 and even to a higher position.

Tier 1 Elite and Dev Coach

Guess what? Kim only took a year and 3 months of reaching Tier 1 Elite and becoming a Dev Coach at the same time—both with eLink. You might say, “Well, he started in sales in 2014. Not a surprise at all.” I believe some people might have started earlier than 2014 and hopped from one company to another, but not everyone has been successful like Kim.

A Motivation to Work

I asked Kim what motivates him to go to work, and he asserted that it’s his son, siblings, mom and dad, beloved partner, and CATS (emphasis not mine). Indeed, this is a picture of a typical Filipino employee but with the addition of furry friends regarding them as family members. How I wish that Filipino workers (whether in sales or not) with the same motivating factors could achieve the same success as well.

Skills, Experience, and Attitude

Going back to what I have tackled at the beginning of this article. Aside from having inspiration in life and at work, I believe having refined skills, solid experience, and good character are the necessary mixture for achieving a better place, not just in the office but in life as well.

A Definition of Success

Mr. Basit advised the new and potential sales representatives to “Believe in yourself. Don’t stop learning new things, and do your best every day.” As a Tier 1 Elite, he defines success as getting progress not only at work but in your personal life also and being able to have the capability to support your loved ones and help others.

In the next three to five years, Kim Rodd Basit sees himself as a Sales Manager. (I want to add that he can also be the next R1cH i$0G [Joseph Sabello] if he will start vlogging after reading this article and feature JP Abecilla – The Millennial Writer or Yorme Isko Moreno Domagoso in his first vlog entry. LOL)

If you dream of having the same status in sales (and in life), you can start establishing a solid career path by joining the Sales Department of eLink today! You can send your updated resume to or visit the office on the 9th floor of Chinabank Corporate Center, Samar Loop Street, Cebu Business Park.

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