eLinkiat 2.0 Sportsfest: Kahiusa, Kalipay, Kusog

The day just started right without a hint of rain coming, but the beaming sun was too hot at seven in the morning. It was Sunday, September 18, 2022. It’s the day for eLinkiat 2.0, a sportsfest anniversary celebration of eLink Systems and Concepts Corp. with the theme “Kahiusa (Unity), Kalipay (Happiness), Kusog (Strength).” It’s a day to be remembered, which is proven to be true at the end of the day.

After two years of hiatus due to the pandemic, the people of eLink are too excited to go back to chanting, dancing, and playing physically on the court. It’s a way for them to get sweat and relief from an almost sedentary graveyard shift. It’s a time for them to be playful (kiat), demonstrate unity (kahiusa), experience happiness (kalipay), and show strength (kusog).


The sportsfest started with a mass and was followed by a motivational talk from Ms. MBAS. She wittily used the word “kooperation” for the K of “kiat” to remind everyone that the event aims to build teamwork, not just a mere competition. Indeed, cooperation is the backbone of unity (or Kahiusa in the Cebuano-Visayan language). This concept comes into flesh as exemplified by the six teams (Red Dragons, Blue Sharks, Yellow Vipers, Purple Raptors, Orange Phoenix, and Green Hawks) composed of publishing consultants, web developers, marketers, graphic designers, IT specialists, and more specializations.

It seems that “unity” is already a banal and ordinary word, but not with eLink. Unity is running in the veins of the company. It’s not just a byword being used to cover inner conflicts common in the corporate world. It’s a word evidently demonstrated on the sales floor during work hours.


Happiness can be experienced from a common to an extraordinary event depending on how you perceive it. Experiencing happiness with coworkers, together with the company owners and shareholders, is an exceptional encounter. Ms. MB has encouraged the participants to have the “attitude of joy” (the A in “kiat”).

With all the conversations, chit-chats, and waves of laughter during the event, the atmosphere stimulates positive vibes after a week of workload. The fact of the matter is that humor and laughter are common in eLink culture. What happened at eLinkiat is just an accumulation of the same vibes at the office and bringing it to the Metrosports Center for the public to see how this kind of happiness is being experienced by the employees.


If unity, cooperation, and teamwork manifest in a company, gaining extra strength is achievable. Strength to face challenges. Strength to deal with tough clients. Strength to pursue someone’s goals in life. And strength to be the best version of yourself.

The sportsfest proves how multitalented the people of eLink are. It is surprising and inspirational to see individuals who are good at sales but can also sing, dance, and play games. But no one was left behind because no one can stand alone without a team. After all, the more skills (however varied they are), the stronger a department (or a company) can be.

After the scores are accumulated from the tournaments (chanting, pop jazz, Mr. and Ms. eLinkiat 2022, Badminton, Sack Race, Volleyball, and Basketball), the champion takes the crown. 

Based on the mechanics and signed agreements, the following are the declared winners (with favorable prizes):

– Champion: Green Hawks

– 1st Place: Red Dragons

– 2nd Place: Blue Sharks

– 3rd Place: Orange Phoenix

– 4th Place: Yellow Vipers

– 5th Place: Purple Raptors

After all the tiresome practice days and the sportsfest day itself, the 6th-anniversary celebration of eLink has left lessons to learn, talents to improve, goals to reach, and years to look forward to. Certainly, that cloudless Sunday is worth a memory.

If you want to join the eLink family, go on and send your updated resume to junreygallardo@elink.com.ph. Alternatively, you can visit the office on the 9th floor of Chinabank Corporate Center, Samar Loop Street, Cebu Business Park.

JP Abecilla

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