What Are the Benefits of Being a Sales Representative

Selling a product is not my thing. This makes me jealous of seeing how far salespeople can reach in less time than a writer could achieve in a lifetime. From learning self-confidence to earning dollars, I can say this job is a much-coveted career. That is if you’re aiming to be successful in the BPO industry.

Being a sales representative with eLink Systems & Concepts Corp. offers a lot of benefits beyond what you can get as a customer service representative. I was an email, chat, and voice representative before I became a blogger and digital marketer. Being a CSR never earned me anything of high value compared to what a salesperson can acquire in a year or two. However, I found out that you can achieve more in this career beyond the financial gain and promotion.

Learn Self-Confidence

I find it more challenging to make the first call trying to sell a product to a person you don’t know from the other side of the world. That requires more courage than answering an irate customer. For instance, someone shouting about why his/her TV equipment doesn’t work when in fact the person can’t really find the switch button at the bottom edge of the screen. Given the language and cultural gap, you can learn high self-confidence when you frequently pitch and sell to someone you don’t know.

Develop the Art of Persuasion

Persuasion is an art. Persuading someone to believe in your point of view requires a skill beyond perfect grammar, native English accent, and product knowledge. A sales representative can develop this art with or without the person knowing he or she has already perfected the craft by experience.

Earn a Living in No Time

You’re lying if you tell me, you never dreamed of being rich or earning dollars, let alone of dreaming to free yourself from the rat race. If you really want to earn big time, starting a career in sales could be the right path for you. It’s not an extravagant claim if I tell you that in no time, you can buy that car or house you’ve been dreaming of by being a sales representative with eLink.

Become a Company’s Backbone

A company that lives and breathes by selling products and services relies on salespeople to mobilize every part of the organization. That makes a sales representative, especially a high seller or performer, the backbone of a BPO company focusing on sales. Because a business requires sales representatives who are trustworthy, efficient, and effective at making sales, their pay reflects the significance of this position.

Congratulations if you’ve read this far! If you want to have a more productive year and years to come, start your career as a sales representative with eLink today! Visit the company’s Facebook page or directly send your resume to career@elink.com.ph now!

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