Similar to Love, Age Doesn’t Matter in BPO

I remember a Japanese student of mine when I was still teaching ESL (English as a Second Language). He retired from working at the age of 38. According to him, he has already enough money to travel the world and do whatever he wants. In the case of Filipino employees, retiring at a young age is far from reality. Filipino workers have to work until they reach senior age before they retire. Thankfully, BPO companies stay in securing jobs without age limits.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is known to be the easiest way to apply for a job in the Philippines. Aside from accepting high school graduates, BPO is also hiring applicants with a more advanced age above 35 years old. Ellen Mack, 43, and Lin Phala, 50, are two of the sales representatives who have been working in the industry for 4 to 6 years now.

Age Doesn’t Matter in BPO

When asked what “age doesn’t matter in BPO” means to them, Ellen simply replied by saying that BPO does not discriminate against employees due to age. On the other hand, Lin went on by asserting, “There are no age criteria to work in a call center.” She added, however, that you have to keep yourself updated as people around you are smarter and way more intelligent than you are, so you have to prove yourself to be accepted by them.

When it comes to people who doubt applying for a job because of their age, Lin asserted, “Try not to compare yourself to others, because comparison is a thief of joy.” She shared her experience of having self-doubt, which hindered her from accomplishing something at the same level as someone else. She noted, “It can be a paralyzing feeling. I feel anxiety in my life if ever I can’t hit my goals. I don’t know after that.”

Choosing Sales Over CSR

Ellen has been working as a customer service representative (CSR) for 6 years now while Lin has been in the same job for the past 4 years. Currently, they are working as sales representatives with eLink for different reasons.

Ellen wants to experience and broaden her knowledge being a salesperson. On the other hand, Lin aims to improve her knowledge in sales and continually gains development in herself as an agent.

Selling a product or a service is “very difficult at first,” according to Ellen. She particularly noted the difficulty of giving a pitch and making it at the right time. In Lin’s case, she speaks about giving a huge number of voicemails. Nevertheless, she’s glad to note that the experience is “very fulfilling and rewarding,” especially if she got sales.

Working on a Graveyard Shift

BPO is serving non-Filipino customers, mostly from the United States. This means call center representatives, whether CSR or Sales, have to work at night or on a graveyard shift. Mommy Lin is honest enough to reveal that the working routine is hard on her part, especially at her age. “But,” according to her, “you need to work in order to pay all your bills, etc.” She also shared that her family understands the nature of her work because of their situation–something she didn’t explain further.

For mommy Ellen, she finds working in a graveyard shift convenient since she has 9 children to attend to during the day to prepare them for school. She didn’t also fail to say that her family members are already used to her working habit. “Compensation-wise,” she added, “they are more likely to suggest working in BPO.”

Working with eLink

“God directed me to the right company, which is eLink,” uttered mommy Ellen. Emphasizing her plan to experience some other things, like sales, aside from customer service, mommy Lin said, “eLink is the best publishing industry in Cebu.” That is based on her research.

Both Lin and Ellen already know that the people of eLink are grateful to have them. They are an inspiration to the younger agents to do better in their job. When it comes to what motivates them to go to work, Lin opens up that she works in the company because she’s planning “to build her own house.” Aside from her family, Ellen is more direct and practical in saying that “money” motivates her to come to the office every day. Well, the truth of the matter is that we have sales agents who are receiving 6 figures compensation monthly on top of their regular pay.

“Life Begins at 40?”

Both our featured mommies gave a thumbs down with the idea that “Life begins at 40.” Lin said, “I don’t believe in that because my life begins at the age of 20.”

Ellen explained more about why she didn’t believe in that popular quotation. “Each of us is unique,” said the hard-working mother of 9. She continued saying, “My life started when I was in high school when I knew what I wanted to be and what I needed to have. I graduated from UP High School Cebu City.” From that time, Ellen already knew she was the captain of her life. “And I can say,” she asserted, “that my life began during my high school days.”

The Beauty of Life

Going back to my Japanese student who retired at the age of 38, I see him as someone who has a far better life (materially and financially) compared to many Filipinos struggling to come to work daily until they age. Nonetheless, the beauty of life doesn’t only come with comfort or convenience. Life is more exciting when you’re facing difficulties and trying to win and overcome challenges every now and then.

Mommy Ellen encourages the younger ones to study hard first and graduate from college. And after that, “All the tough jobs will be easier for you,” she said.

Ellen Mack plans to work until her 60s. “If my health is still good,” said Lin Phala about the age she sees herself still working, “I don’t have a timeframe for that.”

If you want to meet Lin and Ellen, you can see them at eLink’s Sales Department. You can join them at work as well by sending your application to Alternatively, you can walk in on the 9th floor of Chinabank Corporate Center, Samar Loop Street, Cebu Business Park, from Mondays to Fridays. eLink Systems and Concepts Corp. is currently hiring sales representatives, content writers, and more. Contact us at 09183261284 for more details!

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