Isko Moreno Domagoso Gets a Massive Support in Cebu

Despite the unpleasant weather, presidential candidate and Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso and team Aksyon Demokratiko received a warm welcome from overwhelming crowds in the Cebu islands yesterday. This is amidst the purportedly low performance in the latest Pulse Asia survey with an only 8% rating.

The campaign sortie of Isko Moreno in Cebu was joined by his wife Diana Lynn Ditan and son Joaquin Domagoso. Aside from his supportive family, team Aksyon was also present, led by vice-presidential candidate Doc Willie Ong and senatorial candidates including Samira Gutoc, Jopet Sison, Carl Balita, and Bro. John Castreciones. Mocha Uson, a famous die-hard Duterte supporter, also showed support in campaigning for Domagoso in Cebu.

Aksyon Demokratiko and Isko Moreno in Cebu

The campaign was brilliantly arranged in four successful events. It started in a Town Hall meeting at Guadalupe Gymnasium in Guadalupe, Cebu City with a good crowd of supporters. Richard Yap, a congressional candidate for the North District of Cebu City, had organized the second destination, held at Tinago Gymnasium in Tinago, Cebu City. Domagoso was behind time, but supporters had willingly and excitedly waited for his arrival.

While the audience was sitting tightly before the coming of the presidential candidate Isko Moreno Domagoso, they were entertained by Mrs. Domagoso and her son Joaquin. Richard Yap, also known as Sir Chef in his “Be Careful with My Heart” teleserye, also serenaded the crowd at Tinago Gym. As expected, spectators were satisfyingly amused as demonstrated by loud applause and cheering.

Doc Willie Ong and Carl Balita in Cebu

While the motorcade of Domagoso, Gutoc, Sison, and Castriciones was on the way to Hoops Dome, Lapu-Lapu City after the Tinago event, vice-presidential candidate Doc Willie Ong and senatorial candidate Dr. Carl Balita met with Cebuano bloggers and media personnel at the Quest Hotel.

Dr. Ong and Dr. Balita arrived in Cebu earlier at night. They decided to separate from the team to cover as many gatherings as possible. The meet and greet with a few groups of bloggers at the Quest Hotel focused more on blogging and creating an online presence. The two candidates also entertained questions related to the election campaign.

Bilis Kilos Iskoncert Rally

The Bilis Kilos Iskoncert Rally is an initiative of VISA (Visayas for Isko-Sara Alliance), headed by Dr. Winley Dela Fuente. The performers are local Cebuano artists who have made a name and are already popular in the Visayas. The concert is joined by Range999, Emping, RKteQ, Makii G, J-Blaque, and more. Rjaybuls, a famous vlogger tagged as the Nas Daily of the Philippines, is also present at the said rally.

Before the day ended, the Bilis Kilos Iskoncert in Lapu-Lapu City made the first day of the Aksyon’s campaign sortie in Cebu triumphant. The innumerable crowd of thousands proves how Cebuanos are positively rooting for Domagoso as the next president of the Republic of the Philippines.

The massive support from Cebuanos defies the allegedly low rating of Domagoso in presidential surveys. Honestly, no one can tell who has the bigger number of supporters, especially if most of the voters choose not to speak or show up at political rallies.

The result of the May 9, 2022 election has the final say on whether Domagoso has the heart of the Filipino people who are frustrated with more than three decades of political conflict in the country.

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