Cebu City Won Ginoong Pilipinas 2023 and What Made Him Qualified

Defining a man is beyond physical features, whether within the context of pageantry and modeling or not. A Ginoo (or a Gentleman in English), who tries to represent manhood, must have excellent communication skills, self-confidence, and relevant cause. That is on top of being a good-looking guy, of course. I’ll talk more about that in this article, so you have to read it until the end.
Cebu City Won Ginoong Pilipinas 2023

Ginoong Pilipinas 2023 winner Larz Kent Dawson of Cebu City bears the skills, confidence, and cause a Filipino man who wants to represent the country should have. The 21-year-old champion, from Tisa, Cebu City, is an Entrepreneurship student at the University of San Carlos. From hesitating to join the contest to really winning the crown, Dawson has lots to offer, not only for Cebu but also for the entire archipelago. The fact of the matter is that he is one of my Top 5 Choices I was rooting to win as Ginoong Pilipinas, which he did.

How I came up supporting Ginoong Pilipinas 2023

Yes, I want to talk a bit of history before we dig deeper into the qualifications of being a Ginoo we’re about to discuss below.

About two months ago, I randomly saw social media posts about Erik Lennart Visser winning the Mister Universe Tourism title. After watching an interview with him, I was inspired to look forward to knowing more about him, the pageantry, and the industry of tourism. I found Erik too brilliant to be missed by many if he can’t get more exposure.

When I attended one of the sessions of MyTV Cebu around March this year, Erik and his manager Dexter Alazas were among the guests. It was the time when I heard about the Ginoong Pilipinas 2023 for the first time, which was said to be held here in Cebu. As expected, Erik proved to be a well-spoken and clever young man during the media forum. Since that time, I have been trying to understand more about the industry and get myself updated about the pageant.

The first encounter with Ginoong Pilipinas 2023 event

The Ginoong Pilipinas competition ran from May 10 to 20, 2023. Since I was not a part of the official media partners for the event, I was not able to join on the first day. I engaged with the event for the first time during the Gabii sa Kabilin on May 12, 2023. I contacted the organizers to tell them about joining in covering the event. The truth is that I already introduced myself to Dexter during the MyTV Cebu media forum last March.

The Barong Night Presentation of the 15 Ginoong Pilipinas candidates in front of Casa Gorordo Museum concurrently happened with the Gabii sa Kabilin celebration. Luckily, the schedule of the program was favorable enough, so I was able to get photos and videos at the event. Importantly, I had also the opportunity to roam and experience what’s inside The Kabilin Center and Casa Gorordo Museum.

Before the Ginoong Pilipinas 2023 Coronation Night

From engaging at the Barong Competition at Casa Gorordo more than a week ago, I engaged with the pageant again on its last day: the Coronation Night. Organized by Admire Models Philippines and Borgen Entertainment Ventures, the historical event was held at IL Corso Lifemalls Central Piazza Amphitheater.

Before the program proper, about six hours gap, I posted my Top 6 choices for the competition. As perfect as it was, five of the candidates I chose were among the final Top 5. Have you wondered how I came up with such a perfect list of possible winners? Continue reading below.

The qualifications I used to pick my own Top 6 candidates

I am now about to discuss why I came up with an almost perfect prediction of the winners and why I believe Larz Kent Dawson deserves it.

  • Communication Skills As a Top Qualification: The brilliance of someone’s cause, however attractive the person is, might be voiceless without having the skills to communicate it to authorities and the public in general. The Q&A portion determines not only the intellectual capacity of a contestant but also his ability to communicate. A Ginoo must have considerable skills in using both the Filipino and the English languages. This is where Larz Kent Dawson became a formidable opponent.
  • Self-Confidence in Carrying One’s Self: Aside from the ability to speak in public, a Ginoo must have the confidence to carry himself. From wearing a manly attire to walking the runway, the person must have a high level of captivating the audience. The inability to speak comprehensively might also affect someone’s confidence.
  • Relevant and Timely Cause or Advocacy: Coupled with the skills in communication and the confidence to carry himself in public, a Ginoo must have a significant cause to pursue. Aside from helping to boost local tourism, the chosen Ginoong Pilipinas must choose advocacy affecting a large portion of the community. Ginoong Pilipinas Cebu City is advocating entrepreneurship despite his young age and is still a current student. I believe, after the striking economic impact of the pandemic, educating the public on how to be financially responsible through entrepreneurial principles and practices is of high value and urgency.

A final note

Critics will always have something to say. They might have not seen what I and the supporters of the candidates have seen. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned qualifications are among the standards I used in selecting my Top 6 candidates, including Wesley Frias of Mandaue City. Cebu City won the crown of Ginoong Pilipinas 2023 because he has the capabilities a Ginoo must have, whatever the critics would comment to such a victory. He was followed by Jerricho Ponce of Cavite as the 1st Runner Up and Wesley Frias as the 2nd Runner Up.

Automatically, Mr. Dawson will be the one who will represent the Philippines at Mister Universe Tourism in Bali, Indonesia next year. The current title holder of Mister Universe Tourism is Mr. Erik Lennart Visser himself. He was also bearing the Ginoong Pilipinas title since 2019. As such, Erik did an emotional Final Walk at the Coronation Night before passing the Crown to Ginoong Larz Kent Dawson of Cebu City.

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