What to Look for in a Candidate in Election 2022 (Part 2)

After putting God first and making quality health care accessible, we believe education, jobs, and the economy, in general, are the next most important aspects to consider. You would want to see a better future for your children, a stable job or business for yourself, and a growing economy for all of us to capitalize on.

High-Quality Education

The pandemic transforms education into a virtual experience. Thus, the ones with no gadgets and no access to the internet could not pursue studying temporarily. Aside from ensuring public health, I still believe “Education is the solution” even during a health crisis.

With that, the next leaders we have to choose should not only be mere advocates of education. They have to be educated, learned, skilled, and experienced. Leaders with exceptional education and skill-set are the ones who can deliver better results. Also, a true leader should continually strive to learn and grow instead of pretending to be knowledgeable in all facets of governance.

Politicians with no good intention of running for an office are afraid of educated electorates. The reason for this is the fact that educated people cannot be dictated. They cannot be easily swayed by the will and wishes of demagogues and populists.

Political pundits are all too happy to take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the unsuspecting populace. In addition, national leaders with no high educational attainment can be easily controlled by elites (both national and international) with personal agendas. This is why we need to choose a leader with a platform to enhance the educational system in the country. We need leaders who will initiate and lead in improving school facilities; encouraging young people to achieve excellence; empowering and paying teachers reasonably to inspire them to do their best; and, recalibrating curriculums. This is not only to help students attain excellence but to make them employable as well.

Poverty, Jobs, Economy

High-quality education is the first step to solving the problem of poverty and unemployment, which could result in better economic conditions. As of 2018, it is recorded that there are about 16.6% or 17.6 million considered poor individuals in the country. The current administration plans to reduce the number by 2035. The question of how to do that is up to the leaders who are capable enough to reassess the current condition and create feasible ways to battle hunger, joblessness, and low income.

In line with that, we believe we have to dismantle protectionism and open the economy for more foreign direct investments (FDIs). We have to look for candidates with a clear vision of how to actually reduce, if not end, poverty; how to respond to high employment and underemployment rates; how to manage national debts without over-taxing the citizens; and, how to open the economy in times of health crises. It is also significant to note about teaching the less fortunate to be self-sufficient instead of continually relying on the government.

The four points presented in this series are based on the #WinBlueCampaign of JP Abecilla. The other four considerations include Conservative Values, Federal Government, Two-Party System, and Ideology-Based Politics. The last items will be dealt with differently in separate blog articles and social media posts.

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